Our Story

2021 is the year in which the Covid-19 epidemic has caused serious economic and social damage worldwide.
Vietnam - the country where we live has experienced nationwide social isolation more than once. On 24/7/2021, the government put Hanoi under social distancing throughout the city to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic. All residents were asked not to leave their homes unless utterly necessary. Team FitMax temporarily closed the office and switched to working online.
The isolation days make us appreciate our health more than ever. Even a mere cough or an interaction puts us on high alert. Every member of our team is aware that it is essential to exercise regularly to stay healthy and boost the immune system. However, in the context of social isolation, going out for a run or to the fitness center was not allowed. Our alternative solution was to find an app that inspires users and assists them with home workouts. Unfortunately, when searching the app store, we discovered that there were very few exercise apps that can do this. Most applications do not motivate users, hence, they get demoralized when it comes to long-term practice. On top of that, we noticed a major drawback in tracking and recording the user's performance.
In such a situation, we decided to build an internal application to help our own team members practice at home, using AI tracking technology to track and record the process of performing the exercises. User achievements will be posted on the "Leaderboard" and can be shared on social media platforms. The very first source of inspiration for practicing was simply the competition among team members for the top spot on the "Leaderboard".
In September 2021, the pandemic became more complicated, causing social isolation to take place throughout Vietnam and in many other countries around the world. Our team has done several analyses to show that the need to exercise at home is not limited to a single city or country. Therefore, we decided to make our internal app public to spread the love and inspiration for working out to more people.
When it comes to encouraging users, we understand that a rewarding system plays a crucial role. However, converting in-game remuneration into tangible items is not so attractive anymore. In the technology-driven world nowadays, rewards should be versatile and have high liquidity. Acknowledging that, FitMax team decided to integrate Blockchain technology into our app so that our users can earn Tokens (cryptocurrency) and NFT (non-fungible token) which can be converted into fiat money easily at any time.
And that's when FitMax was born.
We develop our product with a self-promise that it has to make users happier. Since then, FitMax has been built on three main foundations: social networking, physical health, and most importantly, valuable rewards.
We firmly believe FitMax will not only be a revolution in the home workout but more importantly, will become an inspiration and motivation for users to develop a passion for fitness.