Invite to earn

Invite to Earn

The more, the merrier. Instead of running alone, users can invite friends to move and earn together. Each user has one certain Referral Code or Refcode which was auto-generated from the user name. Users can share this Refcode to other users to acquire certain rewards.Note:

  • There are two kinds of Refcode: 1 for User and 1 for Partner Program (Head to Affiliate section for more details)

  • The Refcode in this section refers to User Referral Code.


Refcode serves as a referral link to download Fitmax App. User A can copy this Refcode in Profile page to invite User B and get rewards once these conditions are met:

  1. User B installed Fitmax App through the Refcode.

  2. User B owned at least an NFT in-app.

  3. User B finished the first tracklog.


The Reward feature will be added to the Profile page. Once the three conditions above are achieved, the Claim button will shine and User A can claim his reward. Afterwards, rewards will be transferred directly to the Spending wallet.

Note: The reward from the Invite to Earn mechanism will change following the current Event at that time.

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